Debbie’s Yummy Tuna Wrap

Many mat­ters seem way too good to be true, but most prom­ises con­cern­ing the qual­ity of food items do end up hav­ing ad­mir­able valid­ity. With one bite of this Yummy Tuna Wrap, you will know there is noth­ing fishy about how much Debbie Robb wants to help you to stay trim and tran­quil.

The Penns­port res­id­ent, who sug­ges­ted us­ing a sun-dried to­mato or spin­ach wrap to en­hance your ve­get­able-based in­take, knows the value of simple yet nu­tri­tious meal op­tions. If you let her be your aquat­ic ally, you will be stuffed to the gills with good­ness.  


2 cans of tuna in wa­ter (1 chunk, 1 light)
2 ta­ble­spoons of may­on­naise for coat­ing
1/8 tea­spoon of hot dog rel­ish
1/8 tea­spoon of cel­ery seed
1 stalk of cel­ery, thinly sliced
1 ta­ble­spoon of finely minced onion
1 large burrito-style wrap 
Mixed lettuce greens
Amer­ic­an cheese
Sliced to­mato


Drain the tuna cans, and add the may­on­naise, rel­ish, cel­ery seeds, cel­ery, and onion to the wrap. If de­sired, place ad­di­tion­al may­on­naise on the wrap. Add the tuna, cheese, and to­mato to the oth­er in­gredi­ents, and top with the mixed lettuce greens. Cut di­ag­on­ally, and serve with chips and a pickle.


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