Diane’s Bailey’s Irish Cream Bundt Cake

Corned beef and cab­bage. Ir­ish soda bread. Guin­ness Float. Catch­ing a theme here?

Corned beef and cab­bage. Ir­ish soda bread. Guin­ness Float. Catch­ing a theme here? Yes, we are talk­ing about St. Patrick’s Day, where tra­di­tion­al food and bever­age of­fer­ings take cen­ter stage. Gir­ard Es­tate res­id­ent Di­ane Pecca has one more item to add to this hol­i­day con­ver­sa­tion — her Bailey’s Ir­ish Cream Bundt Cake.   

For those look­ing to make this treat ex­tra spe­cial, Pecca sug­gests mak­ing ex­tra glaze, and pour it over vanilla ice cream.

In­gredi­ents for cake: 

1 cup of chopped pecans
1 pack­age of yel­low cake mix
1 pack­age of vanilla in­stant pud­ding mix
1/2 cup of ve­get­able oil
1 cup of Bailey’s Ir­ish Cream
4 eggs

In­gredi­ents for icing: 

1 stick of but­ter
1/4 cup of wa­ter
1 cup of brown sug­ar
1/4 cup of Bailey’s Ir­ish Cream


Pre­heat oven to 325 de­grees. 

Grease and flour a Bundt pan. Sprinkle the chopped nuts evenly over bot­tom of pan. Com­bine the cake mix and pud­ding mix.

Mix in eggs, oil, wa­ter and Bailey’s Ir­ish Cream. Beat for ap­prox­im­ately six minutes on high speed. Pour bat­ter over chopped nuts in the pan. Bake for ap­prox­im­ately 60 minutes, or un­til in­ser­ted tooth­pick comes out clean

Cool for ap­prox­im­ately 30 minutes, then in­vert in­to a serving dish. Prick the top and sides of cake with tooth­pick

To make the icing, com­bine the but­ter, wa­ter and brown sug­ar in a sauce­pan. Bring to a boil, then stir con­stantly for five minutes.

Re­move from heat then stir in Bailey’s Ir­ish Cream

Pour the glaze in­to the Bundt pan. Re­turn the cake to the Bundt pan, and let sit for one hour or un­til the glaze is ab­sorbed. Re­turn the cake to serving dish, and serve.