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Hollywood’s hybrid

Hybrid cars are hip. At a recent movie premiere, five Toyota Priuses pulled up next to each other. Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld and star of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, is just one of many Hollywood celebrities who drives one. “I liked the idea of getting the benefits of a hybrid vehicle without having to plug in a battery,” he said in an interview. “And after I test-drove the car, I liked everything about it. So now I’m a big

fan.” Leonardo DiCaprio is vocal about his hybrid. “I own a Toyota Prius — it’s a step in the right direction,” he says. “It’s a gasoline-electric midsize car that gets about 50 miles per gallon. There is no extra inconvenience. I fill it up at the gas pump and it performs like any other car. But I fill it up about once every three weeks. We have the technology to make every car produced in America today just as clean, cheap and efficient.”


The judges are coming!

Your garden either made it into the finals of the City Gardens Contest or it didn’t. The first round of judging is over. Awards in the contest, which is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, will be presented to gardens and gardeners who make it through the next round in August. Whether your garden made it into the finals or not, I have a few hints that might make you a winner this year or get you through the preliminary judging next summer.

But first, an admission: I’ve never, ever let any judges look at my backyard. They tried it once when someone else entered it in the contest. I wouldn’t let them in. Getting our community garden into shape to win (or place) is quite enough work for me, thank you.