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Worth waiting for

Julia Miller was hoping to get into Center City-based Julia R. Masterman as a fifth grader, but instead started the year on the waiting list.

Posted Aug. 26, 2014

A is for Alexander

Outstanding may not begin with the first letter of the alphabet, but in the eyes of nominator Deanna Rey, the word is very fitting when describing her former Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School, 2407 S. Broad St., second-grader Alexander Mattei

Posted Aug. 26, 2014


By Joseph Myers

DV's Messina stars at National Youth Baseball Championships

Joseph Messina derives pride from consummately committing himself to his academic responsibilities and athletic duties.

Posted Aug. 14, 2014


By Joseph Myers

An inside job

Police arrested a Marconi man for allegedly trying to burglarize a Lower Moyamensing location.

Posted Aug. 8, 2014


By Joseph Myers

Vacationer violated

Police are looking for tips that can help to solve a Marconi East residential burglary.

Posted Jul. 10, 2014

Loomis stitching fun for Historic Philadelphia

A perpetual pursuer of the figurative spotlight, Virginia Loomis has devoted the last 15 years to hailing an era when the literal version did not exist.

Posted Jul. 3, 2014


By Joseph Myers

Accused shooter receives reprieve

A man in custody in connection with a 2012 Marconi slaying will not face an immediate retrial for his supposed actions.

Posted Jun. 19, 2014


By Joseph Myers

Tennis news

The South Philadelphia Tennis Association will hold a coed tennis camp for ages 7 to 16 9 a.m. to noon and/or 1 to 4 p.m. June 23 to Aug. 10 at Barry Playground, 18th and Johnston streets.

Posted Jun. 5, 2014

Fulfilling relief

Philabundance, 3616 S. Galloway St., kicked off its 30th anniversary celebration with a food donation from ACME Markets May 15 at the 19th-Street-and-Oregon-Avenue location almost 30 years to the day of the first food donation pickup.

Posted May. 23, 2014


By Bill Gelman

In Memoriam: My afternoon with Ernie Meo

I remember walking to Ernie Meo’s house on a hot summer afternoon in 2008. Being a New Jersey resident, I didn’t know much about this local legend; I just heard the stories. However, the moment I stepped into his basement on the 1800 block of Moyamensing Avenue where a few others had gathered for the afternoon session of reminiscing, it didn’t take long for his career story to unfold in front of my very eyes.

Posted May. 22, 2014


By Tom Cardella

Fifty years ago

You can call it the year that changed my life. All of us have a milestone year, but 1964 was a doozy for me. Got married to the love of my life. Began writing for the South Philly Review, which turned out to be the second great love of my life. When you think about it, that’s a helluva parlay

Posted May. 15, 2014

Nifty 50 for Tom Cardella

As a baseball-loving youth, Tom Cardella so resolutely revered Vin Scully, the broadcaster for the Brooklyn, now Los Angeles, Dodgers, that he aspired to become the next incarnation of the dependable voice. Like his hero, the Marconi inhabitant has crafted a reputable airwaves identity and, perhaps more importantly, has become a model of longevity, as this marks his 50th anniversary as a South Philly Review scribe, with most of his years dedicated to penning a socially and culturally observant column.

Posted May. 19, 2014


Marconi and Stella Maris

Boundaries: Marconi: Broad to 20th streets, Snyder to Packer avenues; Stella Maris: Broad to Seventh streets, Oregon Avenue to I-76.


Origin of Name: Designated, however informally, for the neighborhood’s centerpiece, Marconi Plaza, which was named for Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi, and to the east for Stella Maris Parish.


Brief History: Marconi was once a rural community, with farms occupying the land where houses and businesses now stand. In the 1960s and ’70s, Fairmount Park Rangers, in gray uniforms and white caps, were regular sights at Marconi Plaza, which flanks the 2800 block of South Broad. The west-side park also had a helicopter landing area until just a few years ago. Today, Marconi and Stella Maris are close to the sports complex.


Famous Residents: Former Mayor Frank Rizzo spent a few years of his childhood living on the 2300 block of South Rosewood Street, which residents informally renamed “Rizzo Street”; former Maryland's Mount St. Mary's college basketball coach Jim Phelan is a native of 1700 block of Ritner Street; Frankie Avalon, of 13th and Bigler streets and "T.J. Hooker" actor James Darren hail from the east side of the community.


Major Landmarks: Marconi Plaza, Oregon Avenue to Bigler Street, from 13th to 15th streets; supersite, 10th and Bigler streets


Architecture: Brick- and stucco-finished rowhomes, with some of the biggest on the 2900 block of South Broad.


U.S. Congressional District: 2nd, Chaka Fattah (D)

U.S. Senators: Bob Casey (D); Pat Toomey (R)

Pennsylvania Governor: Tom Corbett (R)

State Senate District 1st, Lawrence M. Farnese Jr. (D)

State House District: 184th, William F. Keller (D); 185th, Maria Donatucci (D)

City Council District: 2nd, Kenyatta Johnson (D) , for Marconi; 1st, Mark Squilla (D), for Stella Maris.

Ward: 26th for Marconi; 39th for Stella Maris.

Police District: 1st (west of Broad), Capt. Louis Campione and Community Relations Officer Paul Bryson; 3rd (east of Broad), Capt. Michael Ryan and Community Relations Officers Ace Delgado and Gary Harkins

Civic Groups:Broad Street West Civic Association; Marconi Area Residents Civic Organization; South Broad Street Neighborhood Association; South Philadelphia Communities Civic Association; Sports Complex Special Services District

Libraries: Donatucci, 1935 Shunk St., in Girard Estate; Fumo Family Branch, 2437 S. Broad St., in Lower Moyamensing

Schools: F. Amedee Bregy School, 17th and Bigler streets; D. Newlin Fell School, Ninth and Oregon; Fifth Stone Music School, 2829 S. 18th St.; Mastery Charter Thomas Campus, 927 Johnston St.; Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School, 2600 S. Broad; St. Monica Junior School, 17th and Ritner streets, and Senior School, 16th and Porter streets; St. Pio Regional Catholic School, 1826 Pollock St.

Places Of Worship: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1401 W. Moyamensing Ave.; Lighthouse Baptist Church, 2400 S. Broad St.; Stella Maris, 814 Bigler St.; St. Richard of Chichester, 18th and Pollock streets;

Rec Centers: Barry Playground, 18th and Johnston streets; Fels South Philadelphia Community Center, 2407 S. Broad, in Lower Moyamensing; Guerin Rec Center, 16th and Jackson, in Newbold

Parks: Marconi Plaza, Oregon to Bigler Street, from 13th to 15th streets.

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