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By Joseph Myers

Wunders of the modern world

Rev. Patrick Peyton opined in 1947 that “The family that prays together stays together.” Replacing the initial verb with “plays,” the Wunder clan has strengthened its ties through hockey.

Posted Oct. 1, 2015


By Joseph Myers

A culpable couple

Authorities are searching for two women who assaulted a man in Passyunk Square.

Posted Sep. 24, 2015

Bechtel bolstering Villanova's 'Eurydice' production

A visit to his Facebook profile page reveals that Alex Bechtel contributes to Philadelphia’s theater scene as an actor/creator/music director/composer/sound designer, a litany of labors that can appeal to lovers of punctuation and dedication.

Posted Sep. 24, 2015

High Note happiness

At 6:15 p.m. Sept. 30, Amici Opera Co. and Franco’s High Note Cafe will team up at the latter entity, 1549 S. 13th St., to present Dinner and Opera.

Posted Sep. 24, 2015

Mastronardi a regal delight in 'Love's Labour's Lost'

One need only ask Matthew Mastronardi to know that being shy does not equal shunning opportunities to grow.

Posted Sep. 17, 2015


By Joseph Myers

A New York state of mind

Passyunk Square resident Joe Falzone, the owner of the Center City-situated Everyone’s Racquet, led a group of tennis lovers to the National Tennis Center Friday ...

Posted Sep. 10, 2015

Acing the day

Registrants within the South Philadelphia Tennis Association, under 2014 South Philly Review Readers’ Choice youth/recreation coach winner Bryan Hughes, participated in Friday’s 14-and-younger coed Junior Programming Tournament at Barry Playground, 1800 Johnston St.

Posted Aug. 13, 2015

Steady Teti handling the male lead in 'Stella and Lou'

Life can often lose its luster when we part with loved ones, as immeasurable melancholy can make even the easiest tasks seem tedious.

Posted Aug. 6, 2015


By Bill Chenevert

Shakespeare in the Square

Columbus Square Park’s about to get really funny. REV Theatre Company, which splits its time between New York City and Philadelphia, is staging a two-night run of William Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors,” and it’s all for free.

Posted Jul. 30, 2015


By Joseph Myers

Engleson to tackle third IRONMAN triathlon

Keli Engleson has never lacked a fervent focus on the benefits of physical activity, with the devotion boding well for her body.

Posted Jul. 23, 2015

Should the Ninth Street and Passyunk Avenue mural with local legendary performers on it be painted over or revitalized?

“I love these things down here. I think they shouldn’t paint over it; they should make more.”

Posted Jun. 4, 2015

Canales captivates in 'The Jungle Book'

Well aware that numerous factors, including heritage, hamper people in appreciating their self-worth, Taysha Canales considers helping others to cast off confining circumstances a compelling component of her acting career.

Posted Jun. 4, 2015


Passyunk Square

Boundaries: Washington Avenue to Tasker Street, Sixth to Broad streets.


Origin of Name: Spelled in deeds and records a variety of ways, including Perslajingh, Passayunk, Passyonck, Passajon, Passajungh, Passaming and Paisajungh. Passyunk’s roots are as an Indian village and Queen Christina later bequeathed the area as a 1,000-acre parcel to Lt. Swen Shute in return for services rendered to the King of Sweden. The northeastern boundary fell around the parallel of 12th Street. It became a township very early during Western settlement, with Federal Road (later Federal Street) a major thoroughfare.


Brief History: Passyunk Square traces its roots to Colonial times, when Gen. George Washington housed many of his soldiers on the 800 and 900 blocks of Federal. Passyunk Avenue from Tasker to Broad got its start as an upscale shopping mecca. Restaurants, specialty food stores, pharmacies, furniture shops, clothing and shoe and jewelry stores dotted the avenue, just as they do now. In 2002, a city ordinance created the East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District, which was modeled after merchant-funded initiatives in Center City and Manayunk.


Famous Residents: Major league catcher John Marzano was a native of 12th and Wharton streets; Willie Mosconi, child prodigy/pool champion, of Ninth Street and Passyunk Avenue


Major Landmarks: East Passyunk Avenue; the Lower Italian Market, said to be the country’s oldest open-air market, Ninth from Washington to Wharton; Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s Steaks, Ninth and Passyunk; the fountain at the junction of Passyunk, 11th and Tasker.


Architecture: Large brownstones dating back to the 1870s and ’80s dot main streets like Federal and Wharton. Trinities built as early as the 1880s line smaller streets and alleys. Some of these homes have been combined to form single-family dwellings.


U.S. Congressional District: 1st, Bob Brady (D)

U.S. Senators: Bob Casey (D); Pat Toomey (R)

Pennsylvania Governor: Tom Corbett (R)

State Senate District 1st, Lawrence M. Farnese Jr. (D)

State House District: 175th, Michael H. O'Brien (D); 182nd, Babette Josephs (D); 184th, William F. Keller (D); 186th, Jordan Harris (D)

City Council District: 1st, Mark Squilla (D)

Ward: 1st; 2nd

Police District: 3rd, Capt. Michael Ryan; Community Relations Officers Ace Delgado and Gary Harkins

Civic Groups: Passyunk Square Civic Association; South Broad Street Neighborhood Association

Library: South Philadelphia, 1700 S. Broad St.

Schools: Christopher Columbus Charter School, 1242-46 S. 12th St. and 916 Christian St. in Bella Vista; Andrew Jackson School, 1213 S. 12th St.; Eliza B. Kirkbride School, 1501 S. Seventh St.; The Rock School, 1101 S. Broad St.;

Places Of Worship: Annunciation B.V.M. Church, 1511 S. 10th St.; Bo De Buddhist Temple, 1114-20 S. 13th St.; Calvary A M E Church, 604 Dickinson St.; Emmanuel Chapel, 835 Reed St.; The First Indonesian Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Gereja Protestan Indonesia, 1127 S. Broad St.; Freedom Church, 1400 S. Columbus Boulevard; Grace Settlement House, 1032 Federal; Movimiento Iglesia Christiana Pentecostal Church, 617-619 Reed St.; Maron's, 1010 Ellsworth St.;

Rec Centers: Columbus-DiProspero Square, 12th and Wharton; South Philadelphia Older Adult Center, 1430 E. Passyunk Ave.

Parks and Playgrounds: Capitolo Playground, Ninth and Federal; Gold Star Park, Sixth and Wharton; Jefferson Square, Fourth Street and Washington Avenue; Paolone Park, 718 Sears St.; Sacks Playground, Fourth Street and Washington Avenue; Washington Avenue Green, Columbus Boulevard and Washington Avenue

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