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By Bill Gelman

PHS setting fall’s stage

The opening day of the new season is just days away — five to be exact.

Posted Sep. 18, 2014

Eagles eats

There was a time when stadium food could be summed up as “burgers and dogs.” That time is long gone at Lincoln Financial Field, 1020 Pattison Ave

Posted Sep. 9, 2014


By Joseph Myers

Aligning allegiance for Dick Allen

Mark “Frog” Carfagno is clamoring to clap for Dick Allen one more time. The former Philadelphia Phillies’ grounds crew member began as a fan of the slugger before forging a nearly 40-year friendship with him and is going to bat for his hero in the hopes that the Historical Oversight and Veterans committees will grant him Hall of Fame status.

Posted Jul. 31, 2014


By Bill Chenevert

Reinvesting in Lincoln Financial Field

“Still gives me chills,” Don Smolenski, the Philadelphia Eagles’ president, said of the feeling he gets when he enters Lincoln Financial Field, 1020 Pattison Ave., which broke ground in May of 2001.

Posted Jul. 31, 2014


By Joseph Myers

Given an earful

A man became an assault victim at Citizens Bank Park Saturday.

Posted Jul. 17, 2014


By Joseph Fontanazza

Prospect pilgrimage

The National Hockey League Combine, team interviews and constant picking and prying from the media represent the anxiety-filled weeks leading up to the draft.

Posted Jul. 9, 2014


By Bill Chenevert

Phillies strive to strike out Lou Gehrig's Disease

On July 4, 1939, the New York Yankees’ first baseman, Lou Gehrig, gave a speech to a completely packed Yankee Stadium.

Posted May. 23, 2014

Merrill's Note: From the beginning

It seems like yesterday. Well maybe not yesterday — but considerably after the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

Posted May. 15, 2014

A peek at an antique

SEPTA is celebrating its 50th anniversary, so the agency showed off its pride April 18 by displaying its oldest antique vehicle, a 1970 GMC Bus, often dubbed a “fishbowl” because of its front plate glass, at AT&T Station, Broad Street and Pattison Avenue.

Posted Apr. 24, 2014

A warm draft

Through their Hungry for Next Season promotion, the Philadelphia Eagles and Dietz & Watson will send one lucky fan to New York City’s Radio City Music Hall to announce the team’s fourth-round draft pick May 10.

Posted Apr. 10, 2014


By Joseph Myers

Spousal spat

Accusing another man of voicing something inappropriate to his wife, an aggressive male roughed him up in the Sports Complex area Sunday.

Posted Apr. 10, 2014


By Interviews and Photos by Kathryn Poole

What are your thoughts on the Eagles releasing DeSean Jackson?

“I believe it will be hard to replace him. In the long run if [coach] Chip Kelly thought it was good to release him, I will put my faith in him that he made the right decision.” Edward Bianculli, Broad Street and Packer Avenue “It is probably a bad move. He produced a lot of numbers for the team.” Drew Parker, Second and Tasker streets “They should have gotten more details before taking action. I think maybe they just did not want to pay him.” Maurice Gendraw, Broad and Jackson streets “I am not happy about it because they did not explain why they released him.” Mu’min Islam, 15th and South streets...

Posted Apr. 3, 2014


Navy Yard - Stadium Complex

Bounadries: Sports Complex: Packer Avenue to Geary Street, Broad to Seventh streets; Navy Yard: South of I-95. Southern Boulevard comprises 13th to Broad streets, Packer Avenue to Geary Street.


Origin of Name: After formally referring to itself as the Vet Stadium Neighborhood, residents of this area changed the name to the Stadium Complex Neighborhood after the Vet's destruction to reflect all of the arenas nearby, including Citizens Bank Park and Lincoln Financial Field.


Brief History: It's difficult to look at the north lot of Citizens Bank Park and visualize what was there before the Vet went up: A valley nine stories deep, and home to farms, crops and shanty towns. A drive-in movie theater also was behind what are now the Geary Street homes. A bowling alley and an aquarium that doubled as a dance hall rounded out the neighborhood entertainment venues. People began moving into the neighborhood in 1951.


Famous Residents: Singer/actor Frankie Avalon, formerly of the 3200 block of South 13th Street


Major Landmarks: Citizens Bank Park, 1 Citizens Bank Way; Lincoln Financial Field, 1020 Pattison Ave.; The Spectrum, known as America's Showplace, which is currently being demolished; Philadelphia Technology Park, 4775 League Island Blvd.; Tasty Baking Co., 3 Crescent Drive; Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St.; Veterans Stadium, longtime site of the Army-Navy Game, formerly at Broad Street and Pattison Avenue


Architecture: Rowhomes, mostly built in the 1950s.


U.S. Congressional District: 1st, Bob Brady (D)

U.S. Senators: Bob Casey (D); Pat Toomey (R)

Pennsylvania Governor: Tom Corbett (R)

State Senate District 1st, Lawrence M. Farnese Jr. (D)

State House District: 184th, William F. Keller (D); 185th, Maria Donatucci (D)

City Council District: 2nd, Mark Squilla (D)

Ward: 26th and 39th

Police District: 3rd, Capt. Michael Ryan; Community Relations Officers Ace Delgado and Gary Harkins

Civic Groups: Sports Complex Special Services District, Stadium Community Council Inc.

Libraries: Fumo Family Branch, 2437 S. Broad St., in Lower Moyamensing

Parks: FDR Park, Pattison Avenue and South Broad Street; Southern Boulevard, Broad Street near Curtin.


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