2013 Mummers Parade results

Besides hours of spirited New Year's Day fun, a Philadelphia tradition once again created plenty of heated competition.

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1) Murray
2) Goodtimers
3) Landi


1) Dennis Pellegrino (Murray)
2) Angelo Molinari (Goodtimes)
3) Lorraine Cross (Landi)

Wench Brigades

1) Bryson
2) Saints
3) Pirates
Cara Lion (unranked)
Oregon (unranked)
O'Malley (unranked)
Froggy Carr (disqualified)
Riverfront (disqualified)


1) Eddie Bryson (Bryson)

Fancy Division

1) Hog Island
2) Golden Sunrise


1) Matt Glovacz (Golden Sunrise)
2) Kenny Medeiro (Hog Island)

String Bands

1) Fralinger
2) Quaker City
3) Woodland
4) South Philadelphia
5) Ferko
6) Avalon (tie)
Hegeman (tie)
8) Aqua
9) Polish American
10) Uptown
11) Pennsport
12) Duffy
13) Broomall
14) Durning
15) Greater Kensington
16) Greater Overbrook
17) Trilby


1) Thomas D’Amore (Fralinger)
2) Jack Hee Jr. (Avalon)
3) Denny Palandro (South Philadelphia)
4) Ryan Radcliffe (Uptown)
5) Charlie Roetz (Quaker City)
6) Charles Nicholas (Pennsport)
7) John P. Baron (Hegeman)
8) Tom Robinson (Woodland)
9) Nick Magenta (Polish American)
10) Ron Iannacone (Aqua)
11) Anthony Celenza (Ferko)
12) Ted Kudrick (Duffy)
13) Mike Kavchok (Greater Kensington)
14) William Razzano (Greater Overbrook)
15) Joseph Pomante (Durning)
16) Joseph R. Kaminski (Trilby)
17) Peter J. Broomall Sr. (Broomall)

Fancy Brigades

1) South Philly Vikings
2) Downtowners
3) Saturnalian
4) Avenuers
5) Bill McIntyre’s Shooting Stars
6) Jokers
7) Golden Crown
8) Satin Slipper
9) Clevemore
10) 2nd Street Shooters


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