Philly Improv Theater ad-libs 'B-Movie'

With five South Philly members on his team, improv director Mike Marbach guides audiences through a completely original horror/sci-fi thriller.

By Jess Fuerst
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“I do perform with The Deans, a group of the instructors. I also do an homage to ‘The Tonight Show’ with Johnny Carson,” Marbach said, adding the next performance of “Here’s Johnny” will be immediately following ‘B Movie’ at 8:30 p.m. Oct. 20. at The Shubin.

That same day — Oct. 20 — will be Philly Improv Theater’s monthly free workshop, running from 3 to 5 p.m. for people who don’t know what to expect when taking an improv class. Marbach stresses that improv theater is an escape for anyone and everyone, not just aspiring comics. However, people are always invited to sit back and watch the professionals at one of the upcoming shows of “B-Movie.”

“You’re really not going to see something like this anywhere else in Philadelphia. You can go to the theater or rent something on Netflix, but you’ll never have the experience of discovering something for the first time and something that will not be seen again,” Marbach said. “It’s made for the people there that night. It’s the opening and closing of that particular show.

“The audience is a special part of that. We are in it together. We feed off of them and they feed off of us. And that’s a beautiful thing.”

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