Change after 9-11

What thoughts do you have as the anniversary of 9-11 draws near? How did the tragedy change you?


Just one year later

Maybe it’s the invention of the remote control that did it. We can click through a hundred TV channels without really seeing anything. The remote control institutionalized attention deficit disorder for the entire nation. It is a national illness.


Around here

I have lived in South Philadelphia all my life, but this place is more myth than reality. The South Philadelphia where neighbors cared about each other has all but disappeared.

Park in a legal spot and see how fast someone will double or triple park alongside you. If you have to get to work, you can beep your horn until the cows come home. And don’t expect an apology when the owner of the offending car comes out of the house, because the abiding ethos around here is, “Hooray for me and the hell with the rest of the world.”


Malpractice conference

What do you think about local doctors closing their offices this week to attend a malpractice conference at Drexel University? What do you think should be done about high malpractice insurance costs?


Good intentions

In the 1920s they were called “The Lost Generation,” and lost though they might have been, they spawned Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Today we have the “MTV Generation,” youth who are considerably less literary and whose idea of culture is mostly connected to self-gratification.


X Games

What is your favorite thing about the X Games?


Little-known equation

On a recent Saturday morning, I went to the advance-sale window at the Vet to exchange one of my tickets. I am one of those rare specimens in Philadelphia — a baseball fan and a purchaser of a 16-game ticket plan since 1976. I wanted to exchange a ticket for a game I couldn’t make to see a game with the Giants the following Tuesday.

There were four people ahead of me in line in front of the one sales window that was open when I got there. Forty-five minutes later, there were still four people in front of me in line. I’m not sure what the problem was. The harried young woman behind the window didn’t say, although she did mention that another ticket window could not be opened because she was the only one there.


Baseball strike

How do you think a baseball strike would affect the future of the sport?


The case of the missing pinkie

Let’s see if there’s anything wrong with this picture. In the July 25 issue of this newspaper, there was a story about a man walking his dog in Dickinson Square Park who was attacked by a pit bull. The man suffered the loss of his left pinkie finger in the attack, which wound up costing him $187 for antibiotics. In addition, the man’s dog was mauled during the attack, which cost him another $795 in veterinarian’s fees. The attacking pit bull was not on a leash.

What do you think happened to the pit bull’s owner? (He also was walking a second pit bull without a leash at the time of the attack.) Let’s guess:


Best summer movie

What is the best movie you’ve seen this summer? What did you like about it?