A life of luxury on the public dime

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To the Editor:

The definition and perception of a public servant needs to be redefined. During the greatest recession since the Great Depression any public servant earning a six-figure salary or close to it is putting their own desires ahead of their constituents. The fact is they are receiving significant pay raises every year and, at the same time, claiming city government is on the verge of being broke to the point it is absolutely necessary for taxes to be raised on the middle class.

Don’t forget about the job security in comparison to the private sector and the superior benefits, as well as the pension that comes with their service to the public. Hello, to the DROP program if you have not already been introduced.

How can they look people in the eye and say dining out at posh restaurants or attending catered events is a necessary expenditure that is in the best interest of the public welfare? Come on, it’s a recession. Don’t tell us you are eating lobster from Maine and drinking wine from France because you have no other options for the luncheons or evening benefits.

John Stossel the veteran reporter from ABC News’ “20/20” always said it best, “Give me a break!”

Jason Kaye

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1. Thom j. Barnes said... on Dec 10, 2010 at 11:28AM

“Yo Jason! what you new here? Anna Verna the city council Pres. is in the drop, in the pension, in charge of a system that will make you homeless and sick. Read article titled Lion in the Street, posted April 15-2010 in archives of this paper and understand that they celebrate the taking of the land and the last crumbs that fall from the table of civilization before the revolution.”


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