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To the Editor:

If ever there was a time to place all electrical, telephone and cable wires underground in water-resistant conduits, now is that time. With all of the profits the electrical and other companies that use wires to deliver their product are realizing, they have the audacity and gall to claim it would be too expensive to do so. What could possibly be more expensive than the staggering and killing costs endured by homeowners, big and small businesses and entire cities because of falling trees, tripping all of the wiring that delivers life-soaring electricity that provides for life-sustaining heat, light and the preserving of our food?

There is naturally nothing we can do about hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes or other calamities, but we can halt most of the wasteful devastation incurred by the loss of power that should not have to be in the first place. The time couldn’t be more ripe for the filing of lawsuits against these crazy rich companies to make them see the light (pun intended). How much more pain and devastation are we going to allow them to put us through before they do what they know has to be done? The situation also is raising the costs for insurance companies and creating increased premiums for all of us.

Why doesn’t the government and most of the crafty politicians do what they were elected to do instead of protecting those donor-giving leeches? The rich are protecting and looking out for the rich. Want some action, do you? A clean sweep is necessitated. Haven’t you still had enough? Please wake up from your lethargic coma, because if you don’t act, shame.

Frank Cavallero
South Philadelphia

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1. Brendmer said... on Nov 9, 2012 at 05:59AM

“Dear Mayor Nutter,
I am hearing it's to beautify our city to keep us safe when crossing the street and to stop accidents. This is not true , one person already hit the curb because it was in the way the while the driver was turning the corner and could not see the curb. It happen on 21st street and Passyunk Ave. Passyunk Ave now looks like a puzzle and the cement is not straight. I now know that the Politicians in our area caused this problem without any advertisements , letters or town meeting. I heard the only ones that went to a town meeting are the people that have business in the City of Philadelphia.
I live on the 1800 block of Jackson street in South Philadelphia. I was not aware of the work on our street or sent a letter of any kind. I tried talking to the workers or any one political to find out who is in charge. This project started on or about June or July. It is now Tuesday November 6 and at the polls I manage to contact someone who told me to call pen dot. Pen dot said they have nothing to do with it the City is in charge and gave me the name of Bill Gural. Bill sent down two men from the city with a book of the plans that were being done on the street which and the street is all dug up right now. The cement pavement will extends from my home pass Jackson street into Passyunk Ave and 6 homes are affected by the parking . I am dead centered with not access to the street. I am not happy at all with the streets plans and I was told they would call me. Bill Gural called me back with a team of men on the phone questioning my complaints and told me they would get back to me . I then received another call on Wednesday November 7th from Bill Gural that he is concern about my complaints but it was out of his hands and someone will contact me . Thursday November 8th a Darin Gatti told me he was the chief Projects Control Engineer and is handling this project. I mention to him about my complaints.
1. I don't have access to the streets.
2. I can't carry my groceries to my home and I will not be able to get groceries into my home.
3. Any contractor that need to fix my house will not have access , which already happened, no trucks will be able to park in front of my home.
4. No ambulance will have access or in case of a fire a fire truck will not be able to extend a ladder to my house .
5. No city trash will have access to pick up my trash.
6. I will be denied handi- cap parking in the future.
7. Who will be taking care of this huge pavement, the sewer was moved , will this huge cement cause flooding backing up into my home?
8- Whose going to shovel this huge pavement when it snows .
9- Will my taxes go up?
10- I will have a problem selling my home because no one wants to buy a home with not parking. The neighbors that have parking and don't care they want to get permit parking which will be a problem and the people that live on both sides don't have a car. I am now being blocked and do not have any access to my street. I am 63 years old and not well . This pavement will become a hangout and littering will become worse.
My parking in front of my house is being taken away from me with all the benefits of being a resident paying taxes and living in the City of Philadelphia this is a real problem. What are you going to do about this??


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