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To the Editor:

I wonder if the person or people who are poisoning cats in the area are aware of the collateral effects their actions could cause. The simple fact is poisoning an animal is a brutal, terrifying and painful way to die. These people probably do not like animals and could care less about that part of it. 

When a cat eats poison, it does not roll over and die. It becomes violently sick and frantic. It runs around terrified from yard to yard and vomits every place it stops. This vomit contains some of the poison that the cat ate. 

Just suppose that in one of the yards where the cat vomited the homeowners had a pet. They let it out in their safe, secure yard for exercise and just to get some air. Any pet owner knows that a cat or dog cannot resist eating whatever it finds. The amount of poison in the vomit may not be enough to kill the animal depending on its size, but it could leave the pet very ill and in pain.

That, unfortunately, is, of course, not the worst thing that could happen. Suppose there was a toddler that lived in that house. The parent lets the child out into the enclosed safe yard. If somehow the child got the vomit on his or her hands, I think we all know that whatever a child gets on their hands will eventually end up in their mouth. Again, it’s more than likely not fatal, but could have serious consequences. 

So if you find yourself with an animal problem, think about what to do to get rid of the problem. Trapping the animal and taking it to the Humane Society is a thinking person’s option. I know this involves more than the lazy option. It is, however, more humane and much safer. Even if you could care less about the humane part, think about the safety part. 

Kenneth Veith

South Philadelphia 

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1. Thom Barnes said... on Jan 25, 2013 at 07:25AM

“It's easier to posion animals than trap them... There's too much poo on the streets and while you are at killing feral animals, it's time to kill some more toxic trees... Ailanthus=tree of heaven contains Strychnine Arsenic and Tannin to name a few of the toxins...”


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