Preparing to be unprepared

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To the Editor: 

Will someone please tell me just what kind of preparations one can make for the so-called end of days or apocalypse? The next one is supposed to happen Dec. 21. It’s one of many that has been predicted throughout millenniums, and yet, here we are remaining practically unscathed except for the wicked deeds inflicted by mankind or the earth that will go unchanged until one day someone pushes the wrong button. That my friends, is a very real possibility. 

There aren’t any preparations we can make for an apocalypse except for hiding deep underground or in some cave until we run out of food or drinking water. To think otherwise is pure folly and wishful thinking. I’d rather be dead. 

The only possible solution is one we are not quite ready for, but will happen in time when we are capable of exploring deep space to find planets orbiting another star of which I am certain are out there waiting for us to discover. I am certain one day we will. 

In the meantime, why not stop scaring and frightening all of us with the useless publicity and over the airwaves and in print? But, just by the longest stretch of the imagination, what if I am wrong and the world is destroyed?

We sure did not look out for or take care of further evolvement of our oceans, land and sky. All we have managed is pollution, destruction and spoilage. The ongoing and unending wars are nothing more than wholesale murder and slaughter caused by the rich and power hungry who don’t care about the people or the world. They only care about their own self gratification and acquirements. 

They would be the first to leave the earth if it were the time to do so. 

Care about us? Oh, sure. 

Frank Cavallero

South Philadelphia

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