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This is in response to Danielle Duffy’s letter “Passing thoughts” (June 6).

Danielle, let’s get to the point on this issue. You say that raising the price on cigarettes will help fund our education system. Then in the same breath, you are telling people how dangerous smoking is. This is a contradiction. To continue funding the education system, we have to hope people continue smoking because if they don’t, [the school district] will continue to be underfunded.

Last week in USA Today, a doctor wrote an article about how unhealthy our air has become, especially for children. Smoking wasn’t even mentioned, but car exhaust was. China’s air is so bad, people walk around with surgical masks.

Why is it people like you make no mention about how releases from factories and emissions from cars, trucks and busses are causing cancer and other illnesses. Waving a hand in front of one’s face and letting out fake coughs have become trendy. They don’t do that when a car, bus or truck burning gas and oil rides by, leaving them in a cloud of cancerous fumes — just someone holding a cigarette.

Dennis Marcucci
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1. thomas j barnes said... on Jun 15, 2013 at 06:53AM

“Between the carbon monoxide exhausted from the tail pipes of automobiles and the toxins put into the air by the tree of heaven (ailanthus) we will all in some untimely fashion die...”


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