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To the Editor:

Property taxes are way out of line, particularly in South Philadelphia. Has anyone been inside of most of these homes in our area? 

Through a state grant 25 years ago for low-income people, I had new bricks installed on my house. In the meantime, the entire interior is falling apart. I had an insurance claim from water damage, and the amount given to me very quickly ran out, so I was unable to have the work completed. I now live in a complete shack. 

“Low income” should really be changed to “impossible income.” The government still won’t increase it to a livable wage — the minuscule increase of the minimum wage is a fiasco that makes certain that we remain poor. With a decent income we would all have much more to spend and give the economy a much-needed boost. Most people don’t have jobs, and those who do have to live on truly sinful wages and resort to food banks in order to feed their families. 

Did the City raise our property taxes into the stratosphere in order to force us to move into a slum area where we would be forced to rent rather than to own? The word has to be gentrify, so that developers can swarm in and buy the properties at a steal — and a steal it would be. This is what happens when you have millionaires and the very wealthy running very important, prestigious political offices, and haven’t a clue what the real world is like. 

Would they ever consider taking a cut in their wages to help our pitiful and staggering economy? No. Instead they, keep raising the cost of everything like property taxes, food and gasoline. Increase on those who have no more to give, but the wealthy don’t want to pay any taxes at all. Do you not smell the rotten equation here? 

What happens to people like me — a low-incomer who has lived in this house since 1951 and who can’t keep up with the increases? After all of these years, I’ll have to leave my house and go where? I’m too old to be a bank robber because a gun is too heavy and I can’t run anymore. I know — I’ll go under the 10th Street bridge, my new 19148 home. 

I’m almost 86 years old, and with the time I have left, I must live in absolute fear for the little future there is left for me. How cruel and blackhearted. 

Frank Cavallaro 

South Philadelphia

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1. Anonymous said... on Feb 21, 2013 at 11:31AM

“Its very interesting that the 19148 zip code saw massive increases in our taxes. While many residents in Gray Ferry and Point Breeze saw decreases. These are the same residents who for YEARS have been paying $100-300 a YEAR for taxes yet they use the most city resources (police, welfare, subsidized housing, access cards, 5 kids in public school (no father to be found), etc. I looked up one property in Grays Ferry whose 2013 taxes were $91. This is a DISGRACE !!

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2. FED UP said... on Feb 21, 2013 at 11:35AM

“Go after all the deadbeats in NORTH PHILLY who don't pay their taxes instead of elderly gentlemen like the one above !!”

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3. Typical Politician said... on Feb 26, 2013 at 10:45AM

“Frank - We don't care about you. In fact, we don't care about any of you people. We'll continue to destroy the neighborhoods, schools and local businesses because our own personal needs for wealth and power far exceed any of our lies that you accepted as truth. This is how politics are, Frank. And until a majority of you stand up for what's right and voting us into office, this is how it will continue to be. Have a nice day!”


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