Holiday wishes

What are your hopes and wishes for the holiday season?

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Interviews and
 Photos by Greg Bezanis


“I wish for everyone to have a good time with their family and friends and whatever they are doing.” 

Adam Eshleman, 

12th and Wolf streets





“I hope for the families of the victims [in the Connecticut school shooting] to find strength and overcome their grief and wish them a Merry Christmas. It tears my heart for the pain and suffering they are going through during Christmastime.”

Frank Klampfer, 

Fourth and Winton streets




“I hope for that at least one night everybody in the city has peace and satisfaction during this holiday season.”

Joey Patrone, 

13th and Dickinson streets 



“I hope for peace and a chance for everyone to come together and love one another and be at peace. What is it going to take before we, as a nation, come together and stop this lunacy?”

Paulette Merritt, 

26th and Tasker streets

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