Opinions on Actual Value Initiative

What are your thoughts on the City’s Actual Value Initiative that will take effect next year?

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by Greg Bezanis

“It’s outrageous for Pennsport. My rent will go up most likely and I’m barely making enough as it is to survive. I’ll probably have to move.” 

Joan Weisback, 

Front Street and 
Snyder Avenue





“It’s going to take more out of my pay because rent will probably go up. It’s a lose-lose situation whether I stay at my current location or look for another apartment.”

Yexmarie Alicea, 

Fifth and Tasker streets




“It’s not going to affect me as much since I’m renting from family. Hopefully, they won’t raise the rent on me.”

Sean Jackson, 

Seventh and Johnston streets 



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1. Aaron B said... on Feb 21, 2013 at 03:10PM

“I'm fine with AVI in principle, but the City really botched the assessments.
My single-family, 1450sqft rowhome is valued at $360K -- $100K more than the 10-unit apartment building around the corner. The apartment sold for over a Million in 2005!

On top of that, the City has completely devalued vacant land.
The empty lots at Broad and Washington, all of a sudden, get an 80% tax break.
Not only does the valuation disincentivize developing vacant land, it may actually incentivize speculators to tear down existing buildings!
What are you thinking, OPA!?”

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2. Anonymous said... on Feb 22, 2013 at 03:07PM

“Anyone who is ok with this tax increase is a moron. How did the assessment take place? Who did it? What information are they using? The assessments make no sense. How can my property be valued at 400k and my next door neighbor valued at 220k? Mayor Nutter and his administration need to take a walk with this. Tell him to do something about welfare and leave the people that pay alone!!!! Go to north philly and collect from the people that havent paid there taxes in 15 years!!!!

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3. Anonymous said... on Feb 22, 2013 at 03:26PM

“I totally agree with you. Over $500 million in delinquent taxes and most of them belong to property owners in North and West Philadelphia. I am tired of picking up the slack for the lazy, do-nothing, welfare drama queens with 6 kids in public school, getting subsidized housing, access cards, and free healthcare. The free ride has to end !!
Also, its very interesting that Mayor Nutter's own personal property taxes as well as ex-governor/mayor Ed Rendell had their taxes DECREASE !!!

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4. Anonymous said... on Feb 22, 2013 at 03:31PM

“I don't mind paying a little more in taxes--read a little, not 300-900%--but i tell you what--if I am paying more I expect to get something out it. How about you help clean the damn streets in our neighborhood. Why am I the only person on my block that actually sweeps in front of my house? And how about coming up with a solution to the hundreds of stray cats running around crapping and pissing everywhere? Or how about some additional cops on patrol to make the neighborhood safer? If I knew that's where my money went, no problem. This is going to run people out of the city, especially the younger professionals and it is going to stunt development. It's a poorly planned idea and the city will suffer greatly as a result--check back in a couple years and see.”

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5. Anonymous said... on Mar 9, 2013 at 08:47PM

“How are they coming up with these property values.I tried to re mortgage my home in February of 2011 by a financetial institued based outside of this city & state,but the appraiser was bases in Phila he came into my house looked inside,in the back & the front he came up with 117.000.Tried again in December with Citizens Bank didnt see any appraiser yet they said my house was worth 145.400 the same as the city.Are they working hand & hand?


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