Broad appeal

The Mum­mers Parade again proved to be a fest­ive oc­ca­sion for loc­als and rev­elry-seek­ing vis­it­ors.

Many won­der­ful ex­per­i­ences will likely lead to a fruit­ful life for Jes­sica Sar­gento, who, at age 7, is con­sid­er­ing a ca­reer in medi­cine. While she hopes to help pa­tients in loc­al op­er­at­ing rooms, she already en­joys dis­sect­ing situ­ations to find out what makes people so fond of cer­tain activ­it­ies. She had hours’ worth of op­por­tun­it­ies to be in­quis­it­ive Sunday, tak­ing in her first Mum­mers Parade and gladly go­ing hoarse.

“This is so cool!” she said as par­ents Gabe and Vic­tor­ia helped to hold her aloft as the strings bands por­tion of the an­nu­al cel­eb­ra­tion com­menced. “I know this is all for New Year’s Day, but I think it should hap­pen more of­ten.”

Jes­sica and thou­sands of oth­er rev­el­ers ven­tured to South Broad Street to cheer for the cos­tumed mer­ry­makers, with hos­pit­able weath­er lead­ing them to be es­pe­cially vo­cal sup­port­ers. Hav­ing at­ten­ded Mum­mersFest at the Pennsylvania Con­ven­tion Cen­ter on New Year’s Eve, Jes­sica could not wait to wit­ness the ac­tu­al ex­tra­vag­anza, a trait she shares with parade fix­ture Doug Lat­timer.

“I’ve come here every year since 1982 when I moved to South Philly,” the South-of-South res­id­ent said. “Like many people, I’m up­set with the al­ter­a­tion of the parade route, but when you see how hard every­one works to ush­er in the new, you can’t help but look bey­ond that and just be thank­ful that we can all gath­er to wish one an­oth­er well.”

Lat­timer did not have to trek far from his home on the 1700 block of Web­ster Street to par­take in the pa­geantry, which in­cluded a wed­ding pro­pos­al from An­dres Mor­ales to Anne Welsh at Broad and Chris­ti­an streets. While many people play fa­vor­ites with re­gards to the event’s per­formers, he stated he loves “every single in­di­vidu­al with enough gump­tion to re­hearse tire­lessly and per­form for thou­sands of strangers.”

A tra­di­tion since 1901, the Mum­mers Parade has meant many things to count­less ob­serv­ers and par­ti­cipants, with Sunday’s rendi­tion mak­ing an im­me­di­ate fan out of Jocelyn Evans.

“I’m here from Lon­don for a wed­ding,” she said of her best friend Mag­gie’s nup­tials planned for today. “I try to keep my­self aware of cus­toms in the States since I spent a year here for a job, and she told me that I had to check out the parade. … Who doesn’t like see­ing people say­ing bug­ger off to the pre­vi­ous year and wel­com­ing 365 more chances at im­prov­ing our lives and the lives of oth­ers?”

Evans could not hide her bi­as, stat­ing that the string bands amazed her, and ex­pressed ex­cite­ment over head­ing to the Con­ven­tion Cen­ter for the Fancy Bri­gade Fi­nale.

“I keep hear­ing about ‘Two Street,’ too,” Evans said of the pop­u­lar Penns­port-based post-parade cel­eb­ra­tion. “I might make a stop there, too, be­cause it’s all about hav­ing a great time today, right?” SPR

Wench Bri­gades

  1. Ore­gon
  2. Saints
  3. O’Mal­ley
  4. River­front
  5. Cara Li­om
  6. Amer­ic­ans
  7. Pir­ates
  8. Bryson
  9. Froggy Carr

Wench Cap­tain

  1. Jimmy Pa­ley - Ore­gon

Com­ic Di­vi­sion

  1. Mur­ray
  2. Good­timers
  3. Landi

Com­ic Cap­tain

  1. Den­nis Pel­legri­nos (Mur­ray)
  2. An­gelo Mo­lin­ari (Good­timers)
  3. Gary Bish­op (Landi)

String Band Di­vi­sion

  1. Quaker City
  2. Fralinger
  3. South Phil­adelphia
  4. Wood­land
  5. Ferko
  6. Hege­man
  7. Aqua
  8. Pol­ish Amer­ic­an
  9. Great­er Kens­ing­ton
  10. Up­town
  11. Durn­ing
  12. Avalon
  13. Penns­port
  14. Duffy
  15. Great­er Over­brook
  16. Broomall

String Band Cap­tain

  1. Thomas D’Amore (Ferko)
  2. Denny Pa­landro (South Phil­adelphia)
  3. Scott Wray (Fralinger)
  4. Tom Robison (Wood­land)
  5. Jeff Moy­er (Great­er Kens­ing­ton)
  6. John P. Bar­on (Hege­man)
  7. Ken Mam­in­ski (Aqua)
  8. Jim Good (Quaker City)
  9. Nick Magenta (Pol­ish Amer­ic­an)
  10. Bill Razzano (Great­er Over­brook)
  11. Joe Po­man­te (Durn­ing)
  12. Charlie Nich­olas (Penns­port)
  13. Jam­ie Cald­well (Up­town)
  14. Car­men Ma­niaci (Avalon)
  15. Ted Kudrick (Duffy)

Fancy Di­vi­sion

  • Golden Sun­rise

Fancy Bri­gade Di­vi­sion

  1. South Philly Vik­ings
  2. Golden Crown
  3. Sat­urnali­an
  4. Bill McIntyre’s Shoot­ing Stars
  5. Sat­in Slip­pers
  6. Down­town­ers
  7. Spartans
  8. Jokers
  9. Av­en­uers
  10. 2nd Street Shoot­ers
  11. Clev­emore
  12. Purple Ma­gic

Fancy Bri­gade Cap­tain

  1. Pete D’Am­ato (South Philly Vik­ings)
  2. Bob Run­owski (Golden Grown)
  3. Jack Hatty Jr. (Sat­urnali­an)
  4. Mi­chael Adams (Bill McIntyre’s
  5. Shoot­ing Stars)
  6. John Bielec Jr. (Sat­in Slip­per)
  7. Drew Aver­ill (Spartans)
  8. Bob Fitzmaurice (Av­en­uers)
  9. Joey Galla­gh­er (Jokers)
  10. An­thony Stagliano Jr. (Down­town­ers)
  11. Rocco Tursi (Clev­emore)
  12. Rich­ie Lind (2nd Street Shoot­ers)
  13. Mi­chael Or­lando II (Purple Ma­gic)

Pho­tos by Mark E. Carosi­ello Sr.

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