Story Archive March 17 2017

All’s Fare: Grand opening

Puyero Venezuelan Flavor, 524 S. Fourth St., is kicking off its grand opening celebration tonight with arepas are on the house.

Readers’ Choice: Doing a victory dance 

Here is a familiar name for you - Jason Douglas DanceAdelphia. We are not just talking about  it being Philadelphia’s longest-running dance studio.

Horoscopes 3-16-17

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18): Big improvements are being made to your work environment. It will be a relief to function in a light, sunny space that offers a measure of privacy. Make sure you add personal touches that uplift and inspire you. Bright colors and bold patterns bring out the best in you. Lucky number: 698.

Kathleen’s Potato Pie

One potato, two potato … OK, we can stop at five potatoes, even though you may not be able to stop humming the potato song.

Kenney unloved

South Philadelphia has its second mayor in my lifetime. But there could not be two more different people than Jim Kenney and Frank Rizzo. 

Readers’ Choice: A cents-ible location

Her love for South Philly is so advanced that Dawn Hirsch, owing to company seniority, petitioned to enhance her managerial vocation through a transfer to PNC Bank Packer Park Branch.

Readers’ Choice: A comforting response

Planning a funeral is never a good thing.The idea of losing a loved one is something none of us enjoy dealing with, but it’s part of life.

Readers’ Choice: Shift it into victory mode 

When Frank Saur received a phone call last week that 11th Street Auto had earned Readers’ Choice bragging rights for auto mechanic, his first words were “I am thrilled beyond belief.” 

Simply irresistible

Sheila is the cutest girl with the most irresistible face! 

Readers’ Choice: Something to  smile about 

There are a good amount of people out there who hate going to the dentist.