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By Joseph Myers

Vigil planned

The family of Don Ly will mark the one-year anniversary of his murder with a 5 p.m. vigil on the 400 block of Vollmer Street tomorrow.

Posted Apr. 17, 2014


By Bill Gelman

It’s in the crust

What makes a good pizza? For some, it’s the sauce while other times the toppings take the pie. Of course, this popular item that many college students consider its own food group wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the dough.

Posted Mar. 14, 2014


By Joseph Myers

Heartache at home

Four offenders burst into a Whitman residence Sunday, using a weapon to rob the homeowner.

Posted Feb. 6, 2014


By Joseph Myers

Unbottled aggression

Police arrested a man Sunday morning for his alleged use of force in a Whitman bar.

Posted Dec. 26, 2013

Gifted children

The Phillie Phanatic ventured to Ford PAL, 631 Snyder Ave., Dec. 13 to give Christmas presents to local youngsters.

Posted Dec. 19, 2013


By Joseph Myers

Cash copped

Authorities took to the 2100 block of South Howard Street at 5:20 p.m. Sunday in response to a home invasion call. The male complainant informed them three offenders pushed their way inside his home after he answered a knock he believed had come from a friend, Detective Danielle Tolliver of South Detective Division said. The first intruder pushed him face first into a recliner, holding him down while an accomplice pushed the female complainant onto their couch, where she received punches to the back of her head.

Posted Dec. 19, 2013

Suspect busted

Law enforcement agents arrested Tishon Jones last week for his supposed orchestration of multiple robberies, including of Terryin Restaurant, 358 Snyder Ave., the site of his capture. Responding to an incident at the Whitman site, they learned from owner Ryan Zheng that just before 3 p.m. Dec. 5, an unknown male tried to rob the establishment at gunpoint, police said, with the proprietor using a sushi knife to inflict two wounds in the figure’s back.

Posted Dec. 12, 2013

Makeover majesty

South-Whit Shopping Center Associates is marking the $8-million renovation of Whitman Plaza with the “Brand New You! Makeover” Sweepstakes. Five people will earn a $1,500 prize package that will include a style consultation, wardrobe additions, grooming assistance and a one-year fitness membership.

Posted Nov. 14, 2013


By Joseph Myers

Spare the rod

An attacker used a metal rod to pull off a Whitman-based robbery Oct. 18. Walking along the 2100 block of South Fourth Street at 10:52 p.m., the complainant crossed Winton Street when an offender wielded the weapon to deliver a from-behind blow to his head, Detective Danielle Tolliver of South Detective Division said. Falling to the ground after receiving numerous punches to his head, the victim suffered another blow from the rod and more punches. The unknown male rummaged through his pockets, taking $400 before fleeing westbound along Winton Street, Tolliver said. Experiencing bleeding, swelling and head pain, the complainant received a transport to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Tolliver said. He described the aggressor as black, 18 to 25 years old, 5-foot-10, 150 pounds, with a thin build, round face, light facial hair; wearing a dark green hoody and black jeans and possibly being nicknamed “Drizzel.” To report information, call South Detectives’ tip line at 215-685-1635 or visit www.phillypolice.com/forms. Contact Managing Editor Joseph Myers at jmyers@southphillyreview.com or ext. 124....

Posted Oct. 24, 2013


By Joseph Myers

Ordering an arrest

Numerous anonymous tips led to the arrest of a pair of suspects from a Whitman-situated theft.

Posted Oct. 3, 2013

Charges to come

Police are seeking assistance in identifying two thieves who broke into a woman’s car in a Whitman shopping center’s parking lot.

Posted Sep. 26, 2013


By Joseph Myers

Explosion cause determined

Six weeks after an explosion rocked Whitman, causing three residences to collapse, The Philadelphia Fire Department issued the cause for the unfortunate occurrence.

Posted Sep. 12, 2013



Boundaries: Snyder Avenue to Bigler Street, Sixth to Lee streets.


Origin of Name: When the neighborhood was declared an urban-renewal area in the mid-1950s, the nearby Walt Whitman Bridge also was being constructed. The great poet¹s name was transferred to the burgeoning neighborhood.


Brief history: During the 1950s, the construction of Whitman Park, a low-income housing development, created quite a stir. Whitman Council (formerly the Whitman Area Improvement Council) was established partly to fight a proposal for the three high-rise apartment complexes. The issue gained national attention and, through negotiations and the courts, the plan was modified to instead include 120 low- to moderate-income houses.


Famous Residents: Joey Coyle, who stole $1.2 million that fell from an armored truck and had his story made into a 1993 movie starring John Cusack; crooner Eddie Fisher, a Fifth-and-Porter-Streets native; "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back" director Irv Kershner; Comedian and actor Joey Bishop, of Fourth Street and Snyder Avenue, was a member of Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack; "The Odd Couple" actor Jack Klugman, of Fourth Street and Snyder Avenue


Major Landmarks: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, 2329 S. Third St., which is more than 100 years old; Mifflin Park, Fifth and Wolf streets; Whitman Library, 200 Snyder Ave.; shopping areas Whitman Plaza and Columbus Commons


Architecture: Mostly two-bedroom brick rowhomes that were expanded.


U.S. Congressional District: 1st, Bob Brady (D)

U.S. Senators: Bob Casey (D); Pat Toomey (R)

Pennsylvania Governor: Tom Corbett (R)

State Senate District 1st, Lawrence M. Farnese Jr. (D)

State House District: 184th, William F. Keller (D)

City Council District: 1st, Mark Squilla (D)

Ward: 39th

Police District: 3rd, Capt. Michael Ryan; Community Relations Officers Ace Delgado and Gary Harkins

Civic Groups: Pennsport/Whitman Town Watch and Whitman Council Inc.

Libraries: Whitman, 200 Snyder Ave.

Schools: George Sharswood Elementary, 2300 S. Second St.; John H. Taggart Elementary, 400 W. Porter St.

Places Of Worship: Galilee Christian Hope Baptist Church, 2113 S. Sixth St.; Mount Enon Baptist Church, 500 Snyder Ave.; New Greenwich Light Baptist Church, 121 Oregon Ave.; Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, 2319 S. Third; Phra Buddha Ransi Temple, 2400 S. Sixth St.; Snyder Avenue Congregational Church, Third and Snyder Avenue; Spirit and Truth Apostolic Church, 440 Snyder Ave.

Rec Centers: Ford P.A.L. Center, 609 Snyder Ave.; Murphy Rec, Fourth and Shunk streets

Parks: Burke Playground, Second and Jackson streets; Mifflin Square, Fifth and Ritner streets; Weinberg Park, Sixth and Jackson streets

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